It Started with a Big Idea... The First Ever Podcast World Tour with 3 Goals in Mind...

Inform:  Connect podcasters and fans to industry experts, events, resources and tools. Collecting stories along the journey from start-ups, icons, influencers and non-profits.

Inspire: Through documentary style interviews discovering unique untold stories from around the corner of small towns and cities to the "World's Best" known icons, leaders and influencers.  In these conversations we'll discover who and what has inspired them and who in turn to they hope to inspire.

Impact:  Along the journey we hope to impact podcasters, fans and companies to bring awareness about the nonprofit Auditory-Verbal Center and the work they do each day to teach children with mild to profound deafness to listen and speak without relying on sign language or lip reading.  We invite you to join us in telling their story and along the way help raise money needed for cochlear implants and on-going classes.