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Restore Hearing for Kids Born Deaf so They Can Hear & Talk for Life!

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We're bummed that the tour remains on hiatus however, the silver lining is during the down time we created the first ever Podcasters Directory! Our way to keep the mission alive and to continue our dream of rallying the podcasting community behind the Podcast World Tour's Awareness Campaign to Restore Hearing to Kids Born Deaf so they may hear and talk and maybe one day become future podcasters! To help, please visit:

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It Started with a Big Idea... The First Ever Podcast World Tour with 3 Goals in Mind...

Inform:  Connect podcasters and fans to industry experts, events, resources and tools. Collecting stories along the journey from start-ups, icons, influencers and non-profits.

Inspire: Through documentary style interviews gather stories of podcasters and others for episodes of the "World's Best Podcast" discovering unique untold stories from around the corner of small towns and cities to the "World's Best" known icons, leaders and influencers.  In these conversations we'll discover who and what has inspired them and who in turn to they hope to inspire.

Impact:  Along the journey we hope to impact podcasters, fans and companies to bring awareness about the nonprofit Auditory-Verbal Center and the work they do each day to teach children with mild to profound deafness to listen and speak without relying on sign language or lip reading.  We invite you to join us in telling their story and along the way help raise money needed for cochlear implants and on-going classes.

Rich Casanova

Co-Founder & Co-Host of the Tour Podcast

My goal is to rally the podcasting community behind the tour mission!

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Michael E. Moore

Director of City Ambassadors

Military officer, podcaster & storyteller Michael can assist you to be an Ambassador and connect your City to the Tour.

Nick Rodriguez

Producer & Co-Host of the Tour Podcast

I run the social media & book guests on the tour podcast.

Keith Simpson

Director of Tour Partnerships

My goal is to help your brand become Super Famous!

Lauren Rock

Tour Manager

As the owner of a corporate travel company I coordinate tour logistics and keep the tour moving forward.

Jason Smith

Global Tour Correspondent

Traveling the world interviewing people with compelling stories. Connect to recommend a guest.

Harry Hayes

Tour Videographer

As a content creator & master storyteller I use video to help brands get noticed. I filmed the "Tour With A Mission" video for the Podcast World Tour. (Click "Read More")

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Inform podcasters about industry events and resources.


Interview start-ups, icons and non-profits on the "World's Best Podcast"


Awareness campaign about infants born deaf learning to speak and hear for life and even become future podcasters!

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From living in a silent world to learning to speak and HEAR for life!

Imagine if the Podcasting Community Could Help Give Hearing and Voice to the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Our Mission: Raise awareness for the nonprofit Auditory-Verbal Center’s cause to teach children with mild to profound deafness to listen and speak without relying on sign language or lip reading. We invite you to join us in telling their story and along the way help raise money needed for cochlear implants and on-going classes.

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Inform Podcasters, podcast fans and the public about the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Auditory-Verbal Center and their work helping people listen and speak without the use of sign language or lip reading.

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Andrew's Story

Andrew is nearly 2 and has one cochlear implant; his second ear implant will be a Christmas present. Andrew loves anything having to do with tractors and trucks. He makes the “gu gu gu” and “nu nu nu” sounds to request these vehicles as soon as he comes in the AVC door. Today he imitated the “ffff” for this butterfly toy. He attends a preschool for other 2 and 3 year old’s who do not have hearing loss.

Olivia's Story

Olivia was born profoundly deaf but at 6 months of age she received her first cochlear implant. She was one of the youngest babies to ever be implanted in the state of Georgia. Because of Olivia’s early gift of hearing, she is already starting to catch up to hearing peers! Olivia now has a second cochlear implant and she wears both pink cochlear implant processors on fun colored headbands. Olivia’s favorite sound is the duck—she loves saying “quack quack quack”. Olivia also loves saying “bye bye” and blowing kisses. Olivia’s family lives over 2 hours away from AVC but she is still able to access Auditory-Verbal therapy, via tele-therapy, right from her home!

Justin's Story

Justin was born profoundly deaf but with his cochlear implants and AV therapy in his home language of Spanish, Justin is learning to become bilingual! Justin speaks Spanish at home and is starting to learn English at school. His favorite things are puzzles, playdough, letters, numbers, and colors. Justin also has a diagnosis of Autism, but he doesn’t let anything hold him back—Justin is very verbal, and he loves talking and singing!

Yahshua's Story

Yahshua loves hearing with his cochlear implants! He giggles each time he hears a new sound. Before getting cochlear implants, the only thing Yahshua could hear was a very loud drum with his hearing aids. Now he is enjoying hearing all the sounds of his world. His favorite thing to say is “pío pío” (the sound that the chick makes in Spanish). Yahshua loves listening to books and singing. He also loves dancing to music and playing with his two big sisters.

Ashton's Story

Ashton loves listening with his cochlear implants and makes fabulous sound effects when playing with his favorite vehicles. His favorite superheroes talk to each other in dialogue even if battling! Ashton attends a regular preschool class daily and is on par academically with his peers. If there is a problem, he loves to say, “don’t worry!” and then he tries to help!

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