Joe Toppe - Journalist, Adjunct Instructor and Media Relations Professional - Greenville, SC

Big thank you to Joe for stepping up as our "City Tour Ambassador" for Greenville and for all the introductions that made our visit in Greenville very productive and an awesome time! Thanks again Joe! Joe Toppe Journalist, Adjunct Instructor and Media Relations Professional Proven communications professional in automotive and aerospace manufacturing and a variety of other business sectors with extensive experience in modern PR, media relations and journalism. Thorough understanding of the AP style format with an editorial and writing background and more than 1,000 published hard news articles and features covering such companies as Boeing, BMW, GE, Michelin and Clemson University. Detailed understanding of all forms of photography including news, architectural, and event. Established relationships with national and local journalists. Real-world working experience in social media management including the use of Twitter, WordPress, Youtube, and LinkedIn. Experience in SEO and metrics improvement using Google AdWords, keywords, and Google Analytics. Connect with Joe via: Learn more about the mission of the Podcast World Tour and how you can help please visit: